Twitter recently awarded a “verification check” to an official English account of the Muslim Brotherhood despite the platform’s claim to fight hate speech. The reason to verify the account of an organization that is designated as terrorist group in several countries remains unclear since Twitter does not comment on individual accounts.

Under the leadership of Jack Dorsey Twitter faced critique on free speech issues when it suspended politicians and an account that supports women’s rights in Saudi Arabia for various reasons including the accusation of incitement.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood Twitter account has even aligned with Hamas and reaffirmed its full support for the group which is also a designated terrorist organization. It aims at the destruction of Israel and commits terror attacks. Some month ago, Twitter shut down accounts with links to Hamas but now it did not block the Muslim Brotherhood account. In addition, the non-English Twitter account of the Muslim Brotherhood is known to openly celebrate the death of Jewish people and is followed by radical Islamists.




President-designate Donald Trump supposedly plans to support a bill in Congress that would declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and thereby ban it in the USA. Trump’s foreign-policy adviser Walid Pheres told Egyptian media that the legislation that was already introduced by Ted Cruz was held up because the Obama administration backed the Brotherhood. In contrast, Trump will back the bill called the “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act”. It identifies the group’s network in the USA, including the Islamic Society of North America and the Council on American-Islamic Relations as a terrorist organization. Several other countries already banned it like Russia or some Arab countries.

Since the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial in 2007/2008 it is obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood aims at an agenda of Islamic supremacy called “civilization jihad” through the infiltration of the political system of the USA. This infiltration includes Muslim Brotherhood front groups as well as individuals in influential political positions such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, who is known to have personal connections to the group.


Members of Parliament criticized the Foreign Office for the “misguided” report into the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The central point of criticism was the appointment of Sir John Jenkins, the ambassador to Saudi Arabia, as person in charge of the report which gave the impression that the review was influenced by a foreign state. The report was only released 18 months after its completion and there was speculation that it was stalled because Middle Eastern allies in the fight against ISIS could be displeased by the report’s findings.

The Muslim Brotherhood played an important role in the revolution of 2011 in Egypt and is regarded as terrorist organization by many countries. Although the goal of the review was to gain more knowledge about the Muslim Brotherhood, it failed to explain significant factors of influence on the group such as its removal from power in Egypt in 2013 and the comprehensive repression of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.


US-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s leaked e-mails of 2014 to her campaign chairman John Podesta, who was then-counselor to President Barack Obama, suggest that Saudi Arabia and Qatar both provide financial and logistical support to the Islamic State and other Sunni terrorist groups.

Clinton wrote an e-mail to Podesta on August 17, 2014 with an eight-point plan to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Therein, it was envisaged that the USA would support Kurdish forces on the ground with military advisors and air strikes but avoid a ground operation. In addition to that, diplomatic and intelligence assets should be used in order to increase the pressure on the Saudi and Qatari government to make them stop supporting terrorist groups. Furthermore, it was envisaged that the USA would step up their commitment in the Kurdish Regional Government in order to bring Saudi Arabia and Qatar in a position of balancing policy between their rivalry over the domination of the Sunni world and the consequences of the pressure exercised by the USA. These actions were also expected to assist moderate forces in Lebanon, Libya and Jordan where insurgents were motivated by ISIS’s success in Iraq.


In 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton labeled the election of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi as president of Egypt a “milestone for democracy” in the country. A declassified State Department document reveals talking points for the meeting between Clinton and Morsi. Among other issues it includes the offer of US technical expertise for economic and social programs as well as assistance in investment initiatives. Furthermore secret assistance was offered in order to upgrade Egyptian police forces towards serving the needs of people in a democratic system. Many pro-democracy protestors in Egypt regarded US support for Morsi as betrayal and as means to back the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. Another State Department document shows that Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides wrote to Morsi seeking collaboration with Egypt on Iran and Syria.

The two documents illustrate that the US administration was not aware of the Islamist threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its network. The movement’s mission is to implement Sharia law which is antidemocratic and contradicts fundamental rights and freedoms. Furthermore it laid the ideological basis for jihadist terrorism of radical groups like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Furthermore, one has to consider that the Muslim Brotherhoods supreme guide Mohammed Badie even called for jihad not only against Israel but also against the USA already in 2010.

However, in the wake of protests against Morsi, Egyptian military leaders arrested him and Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi became head of a military government and was later elected president of Egypt. In Libya, the US supported overthrow of Muammar Gadhafi plunged the country into civil war that now serves as refuge for Islamist terrorist groups. The war in Syria provided the basis for the emergence of the Islamic State. According to media, the CIA also cooperated with the Muslim Brotherhood on Afghanistan. The group was asked to open a back channel to Al-Qaeda in order to assure the safe exit of US troops from the country.

Based on these incidents, public should be aware of the dangerous Middle East policy of the current US administration.

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The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that seeks for Islamic world dominance. In order to reach that goal it is guided by a philosophy known as “Civilization Jihad”. This concept includes tactics such as infiltration, public relations campaigns or subversion in order to undermine states and take over power. It has two terroristic branches, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and has influence over Al-Qaeda. Financed through oil money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar the organization is operating worldwide and corrupts leaders in the educational, economical, civil, religious and political field. The Muslim Brotherhood can be described as a fundamentalist organization that – according to experts – draws back on violence in the forms of fanatical terror/Jihadism, conquest and war in order to reach its goals.

In the USA the Muslim Brotherhood operates through a network of front organizations such as the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). In a speech to the MAS and the ICNA, the Executive Director of CAIR, Nihad Awad called on American Muslims to support the cause of Black Lives Matter and at the same event MAS-leader Khalilah Sabra advocated a revolution in America following the model of Arab Spring in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt. Hence, several organization members attended demonstrations of Black Live Matters and used it to promote their political messages against certain officials.

On the other hand, one has to keep in mind that Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries make financial contributions to the Clinton Foundation which implies that Muslim Brotherhood oil money actually already influences the elections in the USA. Another questionable influence on US-politics is exercised by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Its goal is to make criticism of Islam a criminal offense and by criminalizing “Islamophobia” the USA would step by step become defenseless against Islamist infiltration. Notwithstanding, the already existing connection of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter to the Muslim Brotherhood has never been subject to mainstream US-media debates. Judicial Watch even obtained proof that the administration of Barrack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged arms deliveries to Al-Qaeda in Iraq which eventually made ISIS an ally of the USA and the Muslim Brotherhood against the Syrian government. In general, Barrack Obama’s foreign policy has been very supportive to the Muslim Brotherhood while actually damaging to the interests and security of the American people.



Defense Department Inspector General John Crane as well as longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin have family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood that should be taken more serious with regard to US-national security.

John Crane’s father, Robert Crane, converted to Islam in 1980 and is a high-level member of several Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front organizations. According to John Crane he was never asked about this father’s activities during his career as security official. In 2013, some month before the whistle blowing case of Edward Snowden who had stolen classified documents became publicly known, Crane was removed from office and lost his security clearances. Crane then became a consultant for the General Accountability Project (GAP) that does legal counseling for Snowden.

Today, the security clearance questionnaire asks about the affiliation of relatives with foreign government services or movements. Notwithstanding, the issue is that the Muslim Brotherhood might not be considered as problematic as it should be. The Obama administration was keen on rehabilitating its image although it is considered a terrorist organization by many US-allies. In addition to that, it might also obtain that status in the USA though the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act. One must not forget that the Muslim Brotherhood wants to impose strict Islamic law all over the world and thereby draws back on a strategy that consists of a mix of politics and violence. Hence, it has ideological ties to some of the bitterest enemies of the USA like Al-Qaeda, Hamas or the Islamic State.

However, the current sense of political correctness leaves not much space to regard Islamic organizations as security risk unless they are classified as terrorist groups under US-law.


Chapters of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) which is closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood emerge in more and more public schools in the USA. Websites of several public schools in Minnesota as well as online documents name the affected high schools.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s document “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” lists the MSA as affiliated group. The Memorandum describes a strategy to destroy America from within. In the mission statement it calls for “civilization jihad” by co-opting the US-leadership into believing a new understanding about Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.

An example of a very active group is the Muslim Students Association at Apple Valley High School. It’s Facebook page categorized the group not as club but as “cause” and according to the school principal, it was asked to remove the social media page because it is no longer an active student-led group at the school. Notwithstanding, the page was still active and in 2015, it advertised the event “Best of Identities” at which Dr. Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member who supports terrorist organization such as Hamas, was initially invited as a speaker but did not attend.

John Guandolo, a former FBI-agent, published a book with the indicative title “Raising A Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America”. In an interview with Alpha News he explained that the MSA was the first national Islamic organization that was established by the Muslim Brotherhood. Its focus was on the “dawah”, the invitation to Islam, and on the recruiting of Jihadi. Meanwhile MSAs are active at all major universities, colleges as well as high schools, middle and even elementary schools. According to the expert, all MSAs should be closed because they are a threat to the community. As part of the Muslim Brotherhood network they support its overall goal. The Muslim Brotherhood itself openly advocates the creation of a world-wide Islamic Empire and already has more than 2,000 branches in 70 countries. Step by step it thus aims at the infiltration of leading organizations in those states.

Hence, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act which will eventually become law, emphasized that the Muslim Brotherhood poses a global threat and that the USA should designate the movement as terrorist organization.



An analysis shows that during only one month incredible acts of violence and crime came to the fore that were committed by immigrants, among them Islamists as well as persons who regard themselves as “true believers”. When the British government invited even more refugees from Muslim countries to the UK it did not put enough attention to cultural differences respectively the fact that also extremists and criminals are among the asylum seekers. Here is a short overview of occurrences of August 2016:

  • New statistics disclosed that almost 900 Syrians were arrested in 2015 for crimes including child abuse and rape. Male refugees shall receive training on treatment of women in order to prevent sexual harassment and genital mutilation.
  • Several cases of “honor killing” induced a public debate about the necessity to change the term to “cultural murder”. “Honor killing” implies that the victim brought shame on a family and thereby normalizes murder. However, there should be no distinction or excuse for brutal murder on overwhelmingly female victims.
  • A man of Somali descent and proponent of violent jihad stabbed to death an American woman in London.
  • A swimming pool in Luton announced gender-segregated sessions which would provide men access to the larger pool and women only to a smaller one. This discrimination is justified by “cultural reasons”.
  • Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members might get asylum in Great Britain due to their risk of persecution.
  • A British national was sentenced for posting offensive anti-Muslim comments on the internet that could stir up racial hatred. Police announced an “Online Hate Crime Hub” to investigate such offensive comments. Civil liberties groups warn of limitations to the freedom of expression.
  • The leader of the UK Independence Party called for a ban on wearing a veil in public places, requested the closure of Islamic faith schools and demanded a comprehensive ban on Sharia courts.
  • A Sunni Muslim was sentenced to prison for the barbaric murder of a man who belonged to the Ahmadi branch of Islam motivated by hatred of his religious views. Two supporters of the Islamic States were accused of murdering an imam because they regarded his practice as “black magic”.
  • A British schoolgirl who went to Syria to join the Islamic State was killed in an airstrike. The BBC heralded that the number of minors arrested under the Terrorism Act more than tripled over two years.
  • According to a new report Muslim women are the most economically disadvantaged group in society.
  • Two known British Islamist were convicted of inviting support for the Islamic State. Pakistani Islamist made a tour across the country to speak at different mosques which was tolerated by British authorities.
  • The Ministry of Justice needs to adopt measures to combat Islamic extremism in prisons because of a growing number of “self-styled emirs” who enhance the radicalization of fellow Muslims.
  • A man who had converted to Islam was convicted of beating a teenager because he was hugging a girl. A multi-faith organization issued a security warning for British churches after a Catholic priest in France was murdered by jihadists.
  • The news came out that Pakistani sex gangs exploited hundreds of children in Telford.



Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s top aide which in fact puts her in a very influential position. In the course of the Clinton presidential campaign questions about her family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and her own links to the movement arose.

Recently, the New York Post reported about Abedin’s work at a Sharia law journal whose editor-in-chief was her mother, Saleha Abedin. Saleha Abedin is also a member of the International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief which is chaired by the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. Huma Abedin’s father, Syed Zaynul Abedin, was a professor at the Saudi Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs that was established with the support of the Muslim World League which is one of the leading Muslim Brotherhood organizations worldwide. Notwithstanding the Clinton campaign tries to downplay the evidence.

Hillary Clinton has already done much to support the Muslim Brotherhood agenda while being Secretary of State and would surely do even more as president. Among other things, she pushed the removal from power of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political enemies, the Libyan leader Mohammar Qaddafi and the Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. In any case there are legitimate worries about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the US-government.