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 The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch  reported on January 27 that Anas al-Tikriti, a senior member of the UK Muslim Brotherhood, was part of a meeting between President Obama and Osama Al-Nujaifi, Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives…In interviews, Tikriti has expressed support for “the right of the Iraqis to engage in legitimate resistance against foreign occupation”, even if that means killing British and American soldiers. He also supports Hamas, which he says “supports democracy” and should not be regarded as a terrorist organisation.



… above a disused kebab shop in Cricklewood:
It looks like any recession-hit high street, with a ladies’ hair salon, a cut-price TV store and, in between, a disused kebab shop. But secreted above the shuttered premises that once sold Middle Eastern food is an altogether different import from the Arab world. The cramped flat in Cricklewood, North West London, is now the centre of operations for Egypt’s once-mighty Muslim Brotherhood, as the Daily Mail reports:


Parts of the UK are increasingly becoming no-go zones for British police because minority communities are more and more relying on their own justice systems and refrain from reporting crimes to the authorities. Tom Winsor, Chief Inspector of Constabulary, names honour killings, domestic violence, sexual abuse of children and female genital mutilations as some offences that go un- or underreported. Last December, three members of a self-styled „Muslim Patrol“ were arrested for harassing, intimidating and assaulting people in East London. The Daily Mail reports: 

Mr. Anas Al-Tikriti, chief executive of the Cordoba Foundation, said his organisation had no relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood, whom he said he had criticized in the past. Al-Tikriti said he suspected claims of a link had arisen because his father, Osama Al-Tikriti, currently leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party, was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq. From 1991 onwards, the Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood had published various books and journals from London. Continue Reading

A Twitter account of Hamas’s armed wing has been suspended by administrators, the Palestinian Islamist movement said Thursday, accusing the social media site of censorship. The account of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, @AlqassamBrigade, appeared to have been suspended several times over the past week, and was still inaccessible with a “suspended” notice on Thursday. Full article:

In a press statement published on December 25, 2013, Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister Hossam Eissa said the cabinet declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, making it subject to Article 86 of the Egyptian penal code. The provisions of the article define terrorism and the penalties for engaging in it. According to Eissa, the bomb attack in Mansoura the other day, which killed 16 people, hat led to the government´s decision. Continue Reading

Cairo´s Al-Azhar University, considered the oldest and most prestigious Islamic university in the world, has published a study on the fatwas (religious rulings) of the Muslim Brotherhood during the reign of President Mohammed Morsi. The Egyptian Newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm (Egypt Today) has recently summarized the study titled “The Misguided Fatwas of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis” by by Al Azhar’s Dr. Sayed Zayed. Here are some of the highlights: Continue Reading

According to a report by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan, conveyed by the Jerusalem Post, the Egyptian Cabinet considers declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization”. Continue Reading