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On Wikileaks more than 61,000 official documents of the Saudi foreign ministry were published. The website announced that over half a million documents will be published in the coming weeks. Among them even top secret papers like texts and e-mails exchanged between the ministry and its embassy in Cairo. The information revealed that the Saudi Arabian regime interfered in the Muslim Brotherhood regime during its time in power. The leaked documents include suggestions to the Saudi foreign ministry made by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader and businessman Khairat Al-Shater on how to support the Brotherhood. Among others, he requested Saudi Arabia to open a communications channel in cooperation with him. Saudi Arabia on the other hand was interested in improving its image in Egypt by influencing local media. The leaks also reveal information about a meeting between the Egyptian and the Saudi Arabian foreign minister held in May 2012 in which the Egyptian minister allegedly requested the release of Egyptian detainees in Saudi Arabia convicted of terrorism. He proposed that the detainees could resume their sentence in Egypt. Furthermore, there was even a request made by an Egyptian official that Saudi Arabia should discuss with US-officials the option of cancelling all Egyptian depts.


Since a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and the Egyptian Revolutionary Council is visiting the USA this week and neither representatives of the State Department nor the White House are meeting with the group there are speculations that the Obama administration was cutting its ties with the movement.

Despite the rumour, White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, claimed that there has been no change in the policy with respect to the Muslim Brotherhood. He referred to President Obama’s meeting with representatives of the Brotherhood earlier this year. According to media reports Earnest did not offer any explanation why there will be no meeting held with the representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the US news site “The Blaze” Earnest was quoted with his statement “the Obama administration and the United States routinely engage with representatives from across the political spectrum in all countries around the world.”




US-President Barrack Obama has been widely suspected to be a supporter of the radical Muslim Brotherhood since he was elected president in 2008. Only recently, Garth Kant of WorldNetDaily reported on a secret presidential directive of backing Islamists who are considered as „moderate“, called Presidential Study Directive of 2011. Among those Islamists, there is also the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. Until now, the Obama administration was not willing to release the directive under the Freedom of Information Act. Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, said that this directive was part of a series of mistakes directly related to the political and financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama administration tried to establish alliances with Islamic supremacists despite suspicion that several are connected to terrorist organizations. All that happened because they were expected to promote stability and to work against jihadist organizations like Al-Qaida, even though they share the same Sharia ideology and hostility towards the Western world. The Muslim Brotherhood pursues a long-term approach to infiltrate and subvert a target government from within.

According to the Egyptian blogger, Eman Nabih, a secret meeting was held and attended by the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and other members of its leadership. The discussions focused on the special relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the White House respectively US representatives who gave the Brotherhood the guarantees to stay in power in Egypt, in exchange of cooperation with the USA in certain fields. The USA even offered assistance to the Brotherhood in dealing with the recent crisis and problems in Egypt on different levels. This meeting was exposed through leaked recordings.



In a press conference on the situation of rights and freedoms in Egypt, the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), whose members are appointed by the government, announced that 2,600 people have died in violent incidents between 3 July 2013 and 31 December 2014. A 200-page report includes details about civil rights, political, economic and social freedoms as well as recommendations of the council. The reporting period started one month before the ouster of President Mohamed Mursi who is closely related to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since July 2013, violence caused by militants has surged especially in the Sinai Peninsula but also in other regions of the country. In addition to the deaths caused by violence, at least 80 detainees died in custody in prisons and police stations. Reasons include the bad health and living conditions as well s the over-crowdedness. Despite police brutality claims, there is no proof for deaths that resulted from torture.

NCHR president Mohamed Fayeq said that the report was also delivered to the government and the cabinet and that the political leadership has a strong will to improve the situation of human rights but within the executive institutions there is a lack of will and bureaucracy is not supportive.

Journalists at the press conference made statements that suggest that the NCHR was “gentle” in dealing with human rights violations committed by state security and opened additional debates about pre-trial detention or military courts.