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The war in Libya caused a grotesque political situation in the USA. Hillary Clinton was using the State Department to start the war in Libya although the Pentagon tried to stop the conflict through diplomacy. The outcome is that jihadists of the Muslim Brotherhood were enabled to overrun the country. Clinton justifies the war with the allegation that the Gaddafi-regime otherwise would have committed a mass genocide. She even claimed that “the Arabs” were asking the USA for help in dealing with Gaddafi but in reality the Secretary-General of the Arab League had already condemned the bombardment of civilians by the second night of the intervention. Furthermore, Clinton pretends that there were no US-soldiers on the ground in Libya However, two Americans who were murdered in Benghazi were former Navy SEAL commandos working for the CIA. In addition, Hillary Clinton praised the free elections in Libya as a victory for moderates and the hope of democracy. In fact, what Clinton named “moderate” were Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood or the National Forces Alliance.

Hillary Clinton hid e-mails dealing with the exploitation of Libyan oil fields and is known to have close ties with people working for companies in the energy sector that were active in Libya. It seems Clinton and other politicians are fighting wars in their own interests and in order to win elections.

In any case the war in Libya is a complete disaster and many of Hillary Clinton’s justifications for an US-intervention were disproved.




Ahmed Mohammed, the Dallas schoolboy who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock that was confused with a suitcase bomb to school, reached the status of a celebrity in the media. The incident took him to the New York City Hall and even earned him an invitation to the White House. Furthermore Ahmed and his family were invited to Qatar by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development which they accepted. It has to be mentioned that its sister institution, the Qatar Foundation International (QFI) has direct links to the terror organization Muslim Brotherhood. The QFI launched a Research Center for Islamic Legislation in 2012 and its director is the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al Banna. Furthermore, the QFI instituted Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi scholarships. Al Qaradawi twice turned down offers to be the Brotherhood’s highest-ranking official and is known for endorsing the killing of Americans in Iraq. He personally attended events of the foundation.

Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, is politically active and even ran for president of Sudan twice before he immigrated to the USA. Hence, Mr. Mohamed knows how to effectively exploit his son’s new celebrity status. After the family’s trip to the Muslim Brotherhood linked institution in Qatar, Ahmed therefore will accept President Barack Obama’s invitation to the White House.

This is all driven by the American left that insists that Ahmed was arrested not because his clock looked like a suitcase bomb but because the nation in general and Texas in particular suffer from Islamophobia. Notwithstanding, this allegation ignores inconvenient realities. Terrorism is a founded fear and the officials of MacArthur High School acted for reasons of safety. One has to keep in mind the slogan of the Department of Homeland Security “If you see something, say something”. According to a police spokesman, Ahmed was uncooperative when the police investigated the case and got arrested for security purposes.

Notwithstanding, President Obama will most probably use the incident to indict the nation once more of racism and intolerance.


The first question in mind after reading this headline is why it hasn’t been banned already years ago.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a well organized organization that successfully infiltrated countries and set up multiple front groups.
In Israel and the Occupied Territories it works through Hamas and the Islamic Movement which is split into two sections. One is known as the “extreme” northern branch, backing Hamas and organizing attacks on Jews, and the other is more “moderate” and politically active within Israel.

Facing an ongoing wave of violent attacks, the Israeli government now takes into consideration a ban on the Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoot, the extreme branch of the Islamic Movement. The movement is regarded as a major source of unrest. This means that the membership in the organization could become illegal.

A total ban of the movement is unlikely since it requires a massive security operation that is comparable to the actions the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi had undertaken against the Muslim Brotherhood. These range from imprisonments to killings of its members.

The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is desperately looking for someone to blame for the recent escalation of the conflict and since he does not want to take action against Hamas or the Palestinian Authority, he tries to put a focus on the Islamic Movement.

However, its ban would only deteriorate the tense situation since the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot would then mobilize dozens to protest.



During the visit of the Egyptian president Al-Sisi to the UN in New York Egyptian journalists were assaulted verbally as well as physically by Muslim Brotherhood agents on the street in full view of the local police. There was no reaction to their crime of personal violence. None of the Muslim Brotherhood members was arrested and thus their intimidation attack could take place without being challenged.

By applying a strategy of threatening to riot immigrants created several Islamic enclaves. Police is not even able to enter such enclaves due to the justified fear of sparking a violent reaction from the Muslim inhabitants. Therefore, there is a lack of reaction to assaults of native citizens by Muslims. This phenomenon has already become normality in many European cities. Many governments have tolerated that members of Muslim communities practice discrimination and violence against women or even sometimes kill individuals without being punished in order to avoid an escalation.

Facing current flows of refugees from Arab countries there might be a danger that some cities will become completely Muslim. One has to keep in mind that the ideologies of many Muslims diametrically opposed to that of our societies. However, at present the developments are tolerated due to multicultural utopianism – a wishful dram in which many people want to believe. Tolerance is an important aspect of a free society as long as it does not lead to its collapse or endorse violence. There is no moral obligation to tolerate those who advocate the destruction of our societies such as the Muslim Brotherhood.