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A renowned researcher and director for the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish Defence University, Lars Nicander, adverts to an ongoing Islamist infiltration of the Swedish government.

Recently, several members of the Green party got under pressure due to their links to Islamic extremists. Lars Nicander points out that the Green party is young and therefore vulnerable to infiltrations of groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Thereby they use the same methods that were applied by the Soviet Communists during the Cold War.

The Green Party secretary, Anders Wallner, said in a media interview that the warning will be taken seriously because extremism has no place in this party.




Since the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 in Egypt, the movement has committed large-scale political murder and attempted coups d’etats for which reason it is considered a terrorist organization by most Arab states. In fact, the Brotherhood was created by British intelligence, then changed into the sphere of influence of the Nazi regime and finally into that of the CIA. Since 2004 the CIA and State Department have tried to overthrow Arab regimes and replace them by Muslim Brotherhood members.
Today all jihadist groups confess to the Brotherhood’s ideology. The Muslim Brotherhood as well as ISIS shares the goal of reaching power and building an Islamic empire. The obvious distinction between ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood is its tactic. While ISIS uses violence to gain control over a country, the Muslim Brotherhood tries to gain political control and then draws back to violence to proceed against opponents. We saw this strategy put into practice in Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood came into power. The Muslim Brotherhood is in fact the parent of all terrorist groups which aim at the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate and are hostile to Western values and culture. It established a wide network of underground cells, fighters and assassination squads.
Arab media already revealed that Muslim Brotherhood members joined terrorist camps of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Al-Bawaba news even published the names of 30 Muslim Brotherhood members who were trained there in order to commit suicide attacks in Egypt. In 2014 the first Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cell whose members had pledged loyalty to ISIS was arrested. Some of the terrorists were even released from jail under the presidential pardon of Mohamed Morsi. Until today several groups that belong to the Muslim Brotherhood network have sworn loyalty to ISIS. The Muslim Brotherhood even offered to facilitate the entry of ISIS members to Egypt and in return expected ISIS to support the Brotherhood in regaining political power in the country. However, ISIS and the Brotherhood did not agree on that deal but the incident shows their ambitions to cooperate. The Muslim Brotherhood as well as ISIS is spreading its network all over the world and pose a substantial risk to democracy and a nonviolent living environment.


The Muslim Council of Britain, a Muslim Brotherhood group and biggest Islamic umbrella group in the country, recently released a statement in which it condemns attacks on Ahmadi Muslims but at the same time claims that they are non-believers who are destined for doom and degradation after death according to the Quran. Thereby, the statement could encourage further persecution of Ahmadi Muslims all over the world.

The murder of Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah in Glasgow, who was stabbed to death, is the trigger for this debate. Mr. Shah was generally known for spreading the motto of Ahmadi Muslims “Love for All, Hatred for None” via internet. The murder was even celebrated on the internet by Muslims who regard Ahmadi Muslims as heretical sect. Tanveer Ahmed, the person accused of committing the murder, issued a statement explaining that he attacked Mr. Shah because he had disrespected Islam. The Ahmadi Muslim community is worried due to the growing intolerance and hate in the UK.