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A leaked German confidential report identifies Turkey as a hub for Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and various Syrian rebel groups. The document is part of a classified Interior Ministry response to a confidential question from the parliament party “Die Linke”. It accuses the Turkish government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Furthermore, the Ministry assesses that statements of solidarity reveal the Turkish government’s ideological affinity with the Muslim Brotherhood. The ongoing Islamization of Turkey’s domestic and foreign policy has made the country a platform of action of Islamists in the Middle East. Although Turkey officially denies support in the form of arms deliveries to Syrian rebel groups, the Turkish press has alleged arms transfers across the border.

Until this incident the German government has never made an official statement on Turkey’s links to extremist groups and even after the leak of the document the German government did not comment on the content.




At the beginning of August, the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter published an op-ed that was obviously inspired by the killing of Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy, France, by Islamist terrorist. The article was signed by Anders Arborelius, Church of Sweden; Ute Steyer, rabbi of the synagogue in Stockholm; Nadia Marhri Lodin, Swedish Muslim Council; and Mahmoud Khalfi, head of the Swedish Imam Council. Contrary to recent events, they claim that Christians, Jews and Muslims in Europe have traditionally been living side by side peacefully.

Interestingly enough, Mahmoud Khalfi is also believed to be a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden. Thus it comes as some surpise, that leading representatives of the Church of Sweden and of the Jewish community are officially sharing a panel with a Muslim Brotherhood leader, willfully ignoring the stated goals of the MB, i.e. the worldwide implementation of Sharia Law.

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According to a document recently released by the Home Office, members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood could soon be eligible for political asylum in the UK. The document states, that “those with a high profile in the MB or who have been politically active…may be able to show that they are at risk of persecution…trial also without due process and disproportionate punishment.” The guidance seems to suggest only letting senior members of the group in, since “low-level, non-political or inactive members and supporters are not generally being targeted and it is unlikely that they will be able to demonstrate a real risk of persecution.”

The move to grant asylum to MB members might jeopardize relations with various Middle Eastern countries that have outlawed the MB or parts of the group, like Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and the UAE. Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron rejected the idea to designate the MB as a terrorist organisation, notwithstanding the fact that the Global MB supports all kinds of radical and jihadist activities in the Middle East as well as in Western countries.

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In Nashville, Tenn., Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall recently announced that he was partnering with the “American Muslim Advisory Council” (AMAC) to provide an instructor to teach correction officers and other prison staff about the basics of Islam. AMAC grew out of the “Muslim Rapid Response Team,” an initiative of the “Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition” (TIRRC). The initiative had been launched after a prolonged political debate about radicalization and counter-measures.

The issue also highlighted another important aspect: The influence of prison chaplains and radicalization in prisons. This development was highlighted when Warith Deen Umar, former head Islamic chaplain of the New York Department of Corrections, was exposed. In 2003, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he called the 9/11 hijackers “heroes and martyrs”. Umar also was an official in the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization that is generally regarded as one of the most important front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US. ISNA once sought to be the certifying body for Islamic prison chaplains in the US, but was rejected by the FBI because of its connection to radical organizations.

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