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Last Sunday, the Muslim Brotherhood´s Youth Front has issued a controversial paper, titled: Assessment Before Vision: a Look Back at the Past. In the document, the initiative tries to assess the mistakes of past decades and years, particularly the brief period between the resignation of President Mubarak and the fall of President Morsi, and to outline principles for the future. The Youth Front, which was founded in 2014, calls for a rapprochement with the powers that be, in the Middle East as well as in the West. Instead of trying to erect a caliphate, the Muslim world should coexist with others.

The Youth Front, which has its home base in Egypt, is regarded as an initiative of second tier leaders of the MB. The current leadership of the MB, most notably its spokesperson Talaat Fahmy, has instantly rejected the ideas. Ibrahim Mounir, head of the MB´s international organization, pointed out that internal debates are normal and that the sole responsibility for strategic decisions lies with the Supreme Guide Mahmout Ezzat, usually considered a member of the conservative Old Guard. Apparently, the internal rifts inside Muslim Brotherhood continue to widen. Read more at:

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has withdrawn his nominee for the highest ranking civilian post in the Pentagon, former Ambassador Anne Patterson. Mrs. Patterson had served as US ambassador to Egypt during and after the ouster of President Mubarak and had maintained close ties with the then ruling Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Jim Mattis´ pick was heavily criticized, particularly by Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who has recently called on the US administration to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Read more at:

A report on the Muslim Brotherhood, commissioned by Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), has recently led to a fierce debate about an Islamist infiltration of the country´s civil society. The report has depicted the organization as operating a broad network and of building a parallel society by infiltrating political parties and civil society organizations. The report has sparked a hefty response by 22 Swedish researchers specializing in religious studies who blamed MSB for “conspiracy theories”. The MSB has responded that the report is a feasibility study and relies on reliable sources, The Local reports. Read more at: