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Yet another superb example of how activists in the name of human rights are in reality using NGOs and charities to cover shady or even illegal transactions. As the Financial Times has revealed, a senior member of a Qatar based Human Rights group – Alkarama Foundation – working also from Geneva, is suspected to have financed al-Qaeda operations. Two persons, “Abd al-Rahman al-Nuaymi, president of Alkarama which has worked closely with international advocacy groups, and Abd al-Wahhab al-Humayqani, a Yemeni rights activist, were made subject to sanctions on Wednesday by the US Treasury for allegedly supporting al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen”, FT writes. (http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/4f6bd02a-68f2-11e3-bb3e-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2oInLwKSo)

It is worth a note that Alkarama and the Emirates Centre for Human Rights (see post), which is supported by UK-based Muslim Brotherhood-activist Anas Al-Tikriti, have closely cooperated on multiple occasions in the past.

It appears to be a role model frequently used by Islamists to take advantage of western charitable structures in order to pursuit their own agenda under the seal of acting in favour of humanity.

Lobbying is an important part in the strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood and their UK based subsidies such as The Cordoba Foundation of Mr. Anas Altikriti. They do not even hide their ambitions, as you can see here:


One can even buy an “introduction to effective effective lobbying and campaigning” via the Cordoba-Foundation’s website:


where the most effective techniques for lobbying, advocacy and community outreach are edited to pdf-report with very professional appearance. What organisations like The Cordoba Foundation obviously DO hide, is, how exactly the muslim brotherhood tries to infiltrate Britains political system, as the Sunday Telegraph uncovered recently:


What we can learn is, that there is a change in the MB’s approach to lobbying: Whenever the loobying-activities of the muslim brotherhood have to be visible to the public, Mr. Altikriti’s Cordoba Foundation takes advantage of new, small and “innocent” vehicles, such as the Emirates Centre for Human Rights which interact with politicians. We are sure that there are similar small “NGOs” which appear to be following a noble cause but in fact are rather simple lobbying-tools to spread the Muslim Brotherhood’s political message.  Continue Reading

Two days ago the Sunday Telegraph uncovered connections between the “Emirates Centre for Human Rights” (ECHR) and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB):


After publishing this article online hectic twitter-activities were going on. Rori Donaghy, the director of the EHCR was fast to call the article a “smear campaign” in numerous tweets and tried to prove it with this tweet showing the registration of the website echr.org.uk .

tweet rori

So was the Sunday Telegraph really wrong to name the wife of Anas al Tikriti, Malath Shakir, as registrant of the website? Clearly not!

This screenshot shows the website registration of echr.org.uk and there is the name of Malath Shakir. She registered the website in 2012 and updated it the last time in July 2013.

whois lookup

What happened then?

Mr. Donaghy (and also a very busy Dr. Davidson) obviously didn’t want everyone to see the connection to Anas al Tikriti and the muslim brotherhood. So he changed the website registration yesterday, as you can see on the screenshot below.

whois lookup 2

Registrant is now Mr. Rori Donaghy. Last update on November, 25th 2013 – yesterday.

A few minutes later Rori Donaghy made the tweet mentioned above.

So, Mr. Donaghy, please learn that the world wide web has a long memory.

We and the readers of www.brotherhhodwatch.co.uk ask you now, Mr. Donaghy: Who is really doing a “smear campaign”?

A group with undeclared links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the terror group Hamas has been holding meetings at the House of Parliament.

Separately, it can also be revealed that one of the Government’s police and crime commissioners will this week speak on the same platform as a man who has justified the killing of British troops and called for democracy to be replaced by Sharia.

The Commons events — held in March and September — involving the group with links to Hamas were organised by the Emirates Centre for Human Rights (ECHR), which says it is a moderate campaign against rights abuses in the Gulf. However, part of its agenda appears to be anticipating the end of the regimes in the region.

The main speaker at the meeting was Christopher Davidson, author of a book about the “coming collapse of the Gulf monarchies”.

The ECHR is fronted by a young white British man, Rori Donaghy. It makes no mention on its website or in any other publicity of its close links with the Islamist Cordoba Foundation, described by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a “political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

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