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In late September 2013, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood denied media reports that it is moving the bulk of its operations to London. The Egyptian MB has been running an office in the UK, headed by Ibrahim Mounir, a senior figure in the organisation. After the ouster of Mohammed Morsi from his office on 3 July, the Brotherhood was once again exposed to an extensive crackdown by the Egyption security forces. As a result, the MB allegedly moved ist media and publishing operations to the UK. This was denied by the organisation’s London office, however. Continue Reading

What would you consider the best place in the world to hide if you were a Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader? Right, Britain seems to be just the perfect spot for another Islamist with problematic ideological and religious background. While enjoying the merits of political stability, personal liberties in Britain this is also a perfect hub for agitation and political action targeted towards his country of origin – Egypt.

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