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In a recent article, the Gatestone Institute documents that the fine line between “moderate” Islamism and radical islamism does sometimes not allow a strict differentiation between two blocks, but there is an exchange between the sectors, most dangerously one between Islamists becoming radicalised though ideology. Sometimes public funding even enables and supports this development by granting funds to islamist groups with a radical background. One of the Hotspots undoubdetly is East London Mosque, which is the centre of radical organisations like the Islamic Federation of Europe (IFE) which has been subject to a documentary on Channel 4 some time ago and is also the fanbase of Isalmist political figures such as Lutfur Rahman, the mayor of Tower Hamlets and former member of the Labour Party. Read the full article .


London Citizens (LC) was established in 2001 and is affiliated to Citizens UK, sharing the same staff and offices. LC is an alliance of community organisations in London in England. It is largely composed of faith groups including churches and mosques, schools, student organisations, union branches and residents’ associations. It is part of Citizens UK (formerly the Citizen Organising Foundation), which also includes a similar organisation in Birmingham. London Citizens’ most high profile campaigns include those to establish a London living wage of £8.30 per hour, and a campaign called Strangers into Citizens, which calls on the British government to regularise the status of illegal immigrants who can prove that they have proficiency in English, community ties and no criminal record by offering them permission to stay in the UK legally for two years, with the possibility of citizenship at the end. Continue Reading