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Since 2008, the funding policies of Durham University have repeatedly been criticized. The allegations had been triggered by controversial donations from Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi to LSE. In turn, other British universities were faced with allegations concerning funds from Middle Eastern autocracies. Continue Reading

„The Cordoba Foundation“ describes its mission as follows: „The world today is replete with tensions and conflicts on religious and political issues. Whilst some may interpret such conflicts as proof of an inevitable clash between the West and the Muslim world, The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) works alongside many others to prove that such a clash is neither inevitable, nor necessary.“

The Cordoba Foundation conducts pro-Muslim lobbying activities, events, training and publications. Besides books and guides, e.g. on lobbying methods, it publishes a quarterly journal, “Arches”. So far so good, wouldn’t there be some “common patterns” that we know from the past. Let’s have a look who the leading heads of The Cordoba Foundation are: Continue Reading